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Developer Documentation

API Agreement

API Agreement

Be sure to read our latest legal agreement before creating your app.

Developer Guide

Get a bird’s eye view of the API, including how-tos and best practices.

Brand Guidelines

Access visual assets, downloads and more for the Strava brand.

Integration Types


Activity Syncing

Push activities from your product to the Strava feed, and vice-versa.



Allow users to transfer their favorite Strava-powered routes to your product.


Live Segments

Enable users to compete in real-time on their favorite sections of road or trail.

Managing your app

Swagger Playground

Get familiar with the API. Submit HTTP requests and observe responses.

API Changelog

Stay informed on the latest updates and functional changes.

Client Code Tutorial

Get step-by-step instructions for generating client code.

Our Developer Community

Our Developer Community

By connecting your app with Strava, you’re getting a rich dataset, exciting professional opportunities and support that you can trust.

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