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How to Create an Event on Strava

Thousands of Clubs all over the world use Strava to create and schedule events for their communities. Events can be promoted year round by organizers and athletes, with a Strava Club the ideal place to generate event awareness and drive registration.

This is your step-by-step guide to creating an event on Strava.

How to create an event

1. Create a new event.

Go to your Club profile and click 'Add Club Event'. When you do that, the following screen will appear.

2. Fill out the fields associated with your event.

There are only four mandatory fields:

  • Event Type

  • Event Title

  • Date

  • Start Time

However, you have the option to add a description, include a route, tell people where to meet up and more.

The more information you add to your event, the more people are likely to sign up and participate in it.

3. Share the event with your audience.

When you create an event on Strava, it's essential to make sure it is promoted to your audience. You can feature the event on your channels and members of your Club are able to RSVP their attendance. 

Creating and sharing the route

Whether it’s a run, a bike ride, or another outdoor activity, create a route so that attendees can see where they’re going, what they can expect, and stay on track. 

Click these links for more information about How To Create a Route and How To Embed a Route.

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