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How to Create Engaging Club Posts on Strava

Club posts are your way to engage with your audience. You can post anything in a Club post, but most Clubs choose to share information like:

  • Promoting events & other club programming

  • Sharing training tips & other informative content

  • Spotlighting members and their stories

  • Running giveaways and competitions

  • Sharing activities and routes with your community

You can write as much - or as little - in a club post as you like.

How do I write a Strava Post?

Writing a Strava post is very simple. There are three parts to a post and we would recommend you use all of them to increase engagement:

  1. The title: Make sure this isn't too long (or short)

  2. The description: This is where you post the key information for your community. Note: Strava does not have word counts or limits on Strava posts so you can write as much as you need.

  3. Add photographs or activities to the post: This is optional but Strava posts with photos or activities attached receive significantly more engagement. If you're unsure about how to attach an activity to a post there's more information here.

There is no maximum or minimum volume for posting content on Strava, but we would recommend posting between two and four times per week to ensure your community stays engaged with the platform.

How do people see my posts?

Anyone who signs up to your Club will receive a Strava notification every time you post content in your club. The notification is the Title you give your post, so make sure it's engaging.

Club members will also see your posts as they scroll through their feed. This is why we recommend posting photos and activities as these are more likely to get attention as people scroll through the Strava feed.

If you're looking for more information on growing your Strava Club check out this article.

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