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How to Grow Your Strava Club

Once you have created your Strava Club, the next thing to do is grow it. There are a number of ways that Clubs maximise their audience reach. Below are some of the key growth tactics Strava Clubs employ.

Consistent posting is the key

Strava Club members who are engaged by a club are more likely to share it with their friends. Posting two- to four times per week is a great way to engage your members, but it's also important to:

  • Drive Discussions and Be Responsive: People keep people active. If you need to kickstart club activity, pose questions or share content that creates conversation. Ensure that you respond to community discussions as well.

  • Post Informative & Relevant Content: Your community is a resource for people to enhance their active lives. Sharing interesting and informative content sets the tone for what members can expect. There's more information on that here

  • Surface Member Stories: Highlighting members & their activities or experiences, favorite parts of being part of your club, & maybe some of their advice encourages people to connect with each other & learn more about the community they want to get involved with.

Share events

Use your Club to create and schedule events for your community. Include an event description, date, location and route (if applicable). 

  • Promote Attendance: Feature the event within your Club and promote it across other owned channels. Club members can RSVP to confirm their attendance.

  • Share the Route: Whether it’s a run, a bike ride, or another outdoor activity, create a route so that attendees can see where they’re going, what they can expect, and stay on track!

Use your members to drive your visibility

Your Club’s members can drive visibility by tagging your Club in their activity and post descriptions. When people join your Club, their followers will see that displayed in their feed, with a call-to-action to join.

Promote your Club on other channels

Strava has integrations with other major social networks to allow you to share your active journey with a broader audience and help grow your following.

Share videos & photos from your activity to make content even more engaging across Instagram, Snap, Twitter and Facebook - there's more information about that here.

Engage with your community

Respond to comments, follow your friends and give kudos. People keep people motivated, and that includes you!

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