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How to Showcase Your Sponsors on Strava

Whether you're a Race, an Event or an Athlete, there are a number of ways that you can use Strava to work with - and promote - your sponsors.

How Races and Events can promote sponsors

Races and events can drive visibility for sponsors and partners through Club posts and co-branded Club events. 

Including a sponsor in a Club post is easy: simply include them in the title or description. You can also tag your partners’ Clubs, highlight their products & services, and boost their activations through your Club’s content.

Race partners can leverage sponsored challenges to tie their brand to the race experience. 

Sponsored challenges are the flagship brand activation on Strava. They challenge athletes to complete a given amount of exercise or complete a local segment in order to earn a digital trophy (and possible reward). You can find out more about Sponsored Challenges here.

How Athletes and Creators can showcase sponsors

Athletes and Creators can feature their sponsors by uploading them direct to their profiles.

To gain increased visibility, Athletes and Creators can create posts that showcase their sponsors in either:

  • The title and / or description

  • By tagging their club in the description using @

  • By showcasing them in photos or videos uploaded to Strava.

Brands all over the world set up and use Strava Challenges to help grow their audiences. If one of your sponsors has started a Challenge make sure you sign up and promote it to your audience.

Brands on Strava

If you're looking for more information about how brands can activate and grow on Strava, check out this article.

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