Clubs are where your community lives on Strava

Like-minded athletes come together through Clubs to connect, coordinate meetups and celebrate each other’s achievements.

Create a Club

Getting started on Strava

Step One

Create Your New Strava Club

Head to Strava’s website, create your Club and choose your preferences.

Start Your Club Today

Step Two

Make it Yours

Customize your Club with a logo or photo, cover image and description.

Want Some Tips?

Step Three

Start posting

Now let the fun begin – start the conversation with your first post.

A Guide to Posting on Strava

Step Four

Grow Your Community

Cross-promote your Club on other platforms and invite your community to join.

Grow Your Club

Step Five

Foster Member Connections

Get your Club members talking to each other through awesome content and IRL events.

Activate Your Community

Create an Engaged Community

Create Awareness

Cross Promote Across Networks

Share a link to your Club across your other social platforms to notify your existing audience.

Activate Your Followers

Use Members to Drive Visibility

Your Club’s members can drive visibility by tagging your Club in their activity and post descriptions.

Use Your Channels

Link Club in Owned Channels

Have a website or email newsletter? Include your Strava Club alongside your other socials.

Clubs and athletes benefit from much higher engagement & reach on Strava when compared to other platforms.

Average Club Engagement Rate

*Comparing the average club engagement rate against other leading social networks.

Average Club Content Reach

*Comparing the average club content reach against other leading social networks.

Engage Your Community

Start the party

Host community Events

From virtual to in real life – Events are a great way to bring communities together.


Engage your audience

Give your community reasons to keep coming back with conversations, celebrations and news.

Add voices

Empower your contributors

Member posts and comments keep the party going even when you’re offline.